BMW F900R 2020, Price, Colors, Mileage, Variants, Review India.

  • BMW F900R Version BS6 has been launched in 2020 with dual-channel ABS
  • Price Ex-showroom Delhi ₹ 9.9 Lakh
  • price for BS6 version given below
  • Wanna know more about BMW F900R? please keep reading
  • The new F900R has been improved by adding a new feature, which has been seen in 1000cc bikes and they are as follows below.
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Price Ex-showroom Delhi ₹ 9.9 Lakh

Versions Price(Ex-showroom)
BMW F900R BS6 ₹ 9.9 Lakh

BMW F900R  Variants :

  • BMW F900R  comes in one variant or versions, and that is given below.
  • Price Ex-showroom Delhi ₹ 9.9 Lakh
  • Where prices also vary for different variants as given in the above table is between
  • And let’s get back to the specifications of F900R.

BMW F900R  Specifications :

F900R  consists of fuel capacity 15.5 litres and Dry weight of 219 kg

Now Let us see the new version of F900R upgrades in 2020:

  • it comes in the naked bike style
  • it has a two-way adjustable windscreen
  • and 15.5l fuel tank
  • seating is comfortable
power 103 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Engine (transmission)  895 cc
price  ₹ 9.9 Lakh
colors silver metallic racing red and black storm metallic
Mileage 23.8 kmpl (from updates)
fuel  petrol
Tyer Tubeless
Wheels 17 inch Alloy Wheels
Dry weight 219 kg
Keys and specifications

While we compare BMW F900R with BMW F900XR

  • it is naked and on coming to looks it looks aggressive
  • the rear section is a blend 
  • lean dump flat holder bar
  • BMW F900xR and BMW F900R are a little bit similar but the difference comes in the windshield and there is no difference in seating position
  • common in both is electronics package and which has four different modes in top-spec models both bikes also get a non-adjustable 43mm USD 4 which is rather underwhelming but the new 900 was the first bike to get an electronically adjustable shock
  •  but while coming in choosing in race tracks we prefer BMW F900xR rather than BMW F900R
  • because of its way more power and adjusting to an environment
  • BMW F900R curb weight is 219kg which is much lower than the BMW F900XR 
  • Or you can go through the table for more details.
 BMW F900XR  BMW F900R
It comes with sporty looks covered sporty but naked
consists of an adjustable windshield No windshield is present, but it has a small windscreen
Rear adjustable present No rear adjustable
More preferred than F900R Less preferred than F900XR
compare F900XR with F900R

BMW F900R comes in four rider modes :

  • Rain
  • Road
  • Dynamic
  • Dynamic Pro

On-Road Performance of BMW F900R :

  • The new F900XR  has been improved by adding a new feature,
  • The large TFT display with more options and layouts
    Which can be changed based on riding modes and color options for the display to suit individual preferences
  • We can also pair our phone with BlueTooth through an accessory module
    which shows turn-by-turn navigation it also operates the phone and music
  • In electronics the new up-and-down quick shifter which is useful instead of throttle before downshifting the clutch lever.
  • What it does is if Racer forgets to lift his side stand, the engine will in sleep mode, it cannot be turned on, until or unless a biker lifts his stand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of F900R  

  • Advantages :
    • Triumph can ride it around the streets, highway, racetrack
    • best adjustable suspension 
    • the best antilock braking system
  • Disadvantages :
    • it is little hard in the downshifting gearbox
    • Triumph could have been upgraded by IMU because these are step ahead in terms of finesse and control

BMW F900R   Colors :

  • BMW F900R  comes in two different colors silver metallic racing red and black storm metallic.
  • The colors are displayed down below. Also, read.

silver metallic racing red

silver metallic racing red

Conclusion: This was the quick comparison of the BMW F900R  to know more about prices and varients comment below we will help you with it.

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